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1)  with the divers :

1.1) St. Peterhans :
fishes:                                     pike                      1 picture of pike  monkfish                  3 pictures of monkfishes (k octets)

                                               perch                    2 pictures of perches (k octets)

molluscs: anodonte, dreissena (zebra mussel)   3 pictures of anodontes  crustaceas: crayfish  3 pictures of crayfishes

1.2) Th. Lageyre and Serge Ballesteros :
                                                                                       crustaceas: crayfish  5 pictures of crayfishes

2)  with  Sub-rec :
     perch, tench, monkfish, salmonidae (trout, charrs), shrimp, hirudo, red fish

2.1) at low depth, without robot:

      red fish:                                                            red fish 1m deep          trout:               sick trout 10cm deep 11.12.08

      some animals:                                                  krayfish, hirudo 5m deep                                              

2.2)  with the robot :

       at low depth:                             perches:        fishes 1 to 3m depth         tenches:          tenches 3m depth

      at middle depth (60m) :              perches:        perches 60m deep         video (1.4M) :  perches 60m deep  
                                                         salmonidae:  salmonidae 60m deep         video (700K) : salmonidae 60m deep
                                                         salmonidae:  salmonidae 50m deep         video (3Mb) :   salmonidae 50m deep     

      1) 60m and 2) 75m deep on the charr pawning places of
                                   1) Chillon :   charr:                                video (14Mb) : charr on pawning place 25.12.08
                                   2) Rivaz :     charr, monkfish, krayfish:  video (14Mb) : charr on pawning place 31.12.08

      at greater depths (140 - 300m) :                      fishes at 140-300m depth
                                      at 300m :    perch on a wagon            video (900K) :  perch                                                                                                living presumably                                                                                              in the load of the wagons  
                                                         monkfish on wreck           video (800K) : monkfish 300m deep                                                                                        on the back           of SS AIGLE II / SIMPLON  
                                                         monkfish on wagon          video (600K) : monkfish 300m deep                                                                                                        on                one of the WAGONS  

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