At a depth of 140 m (459 ft), the brig "Cryptonyme"       ( I )
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1) View from above     (Note the grapnel at the top right – it is upright).

One mast and one spar (out of two) remain, which would have been at the forward end of the ship

The chains have literally slipped, but they are still there and show where the steepest slope was at the time the ship sank.

Brig, drawing .jpg ( bytes)


2) Scale model, slightly buried in the seabed at the starboard side of the stern

One chain can be seen in the silt, connecting the grapnel (upright)  to the brig      

Brig, scale model .jpg ( bytes)

     Scale model, sloping downwards on the starboard side

The forward mast and its spar are missing.

The remaining ones were retained by the ropes and sails, which have since disappeared.

Brig, scale model .jpg ( bytes)

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