One of the two gas links in Lake Geneva:

This one has a diameter of 50 cm (1.6 ft), length 74 km (46 miles)           

gas pipeline .jpg (14934 bytes)

That is: (under water) 6,000 tubes of 12 m (39 ft), joined together, numbered...                    


gas pipeline .jpg (14384 bytes)

Further away...                         


gas pipeline .jpg (14384 bytes)

When the large gas pipeline
(tube 2019, diam 50 cm [1.6 ft])
crosses the former one,
(diam 25 cm [0.8 ft], not visible here, see dotted line)... It is under these two fenders (see arrows), in the same axis. (These sit astride underneath to protect them from colliding with each other)

gas pipeline .jpg (14384 bytes)

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