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 - The Rhône, reconstruction based on photos and plans from that time


- The roof at the stern

 - The elevated walkway leading from one wheelhouse to the other                                

Rhône steamer.jpg (. bytes)

-The Cygne,  based on a plan at the time


- The bow is nearly straight        

Cygne steamer .jpg (. bytes)


Shortly after the collision:

(Reconstruction) After:

- The views of the robot, on the one hand

- A contemporary photo, on the other                                 

Cygne and Rhône steamers.jpg (. bytes)

Side view 


based on a plan from

that time by E. Liechti                                 

Cygne steamer .jpg (. bytes)


After the collision:

At a depth of 300 m (984 ft), lying on a silted seabed

(These drawings can only be brought to you thanks to the numerous dives made by the robot) (drawings A+D, Michel PAILLEX)

1) Side view of the collision:

The hole can be seen under the (broken) funnel...     It fell in that position under the impact of the collision                     

Rhône steamer.jpg (. bytes)

2) View from the other side:

The roof at the stern has been pulled off together with the starboard bulwark rail, revealing the staircase.

The elevated walkway has collapsed, as can be seen here.                     

Rhône steamer .jpg (33580 bytes)

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