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E. Meystre, in "Histoire imagée des Grands Bateaux du Lac Léman" (Ed. Payot 1967), tells us:

- Page 16, "In 1842... Aigle (1837) was given an iron hull, refined, extended..."
  (Following such a radical make-over, she was renamed, see below (name of wbm))
- Page 19, "Aigle, the second, later referred to as Aigle No 1" (note 30)
- Page 20, "...sold Aigle No 1 to the Compagnie des Chemins de fer de la Ligne d'Italie [Italy line national railway company]."
- Page 55, "...it sold Aigle No 1 to him (and she became known as Simplon... to match her new surroundings)."

Page 18, Aigle is illustrated below showing her thin bow with cutwater

View of
(No  0)

Look at her bow and cutwater

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View of "Simplon"...

Look at her thin bow with cutwater

"Bateaux à vapeur du Léman", p. 37 E. Meystre, R.-E. Bernard, R. Creux Ed. de Fontainemore (photo adapted for the Internet)

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