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The course of the Nemo on 1 October 1875...

The course .jpg ( k)

Sketch made from views taken by the ROV...
At a depth of 300 m (984 ft), lying in the mud!       

The robot and the Nemo

Sketch from views taken by the ROV...

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Wreck of the sunken steam yacht Nemo, lying at a depth of 300 m (984 ft).

Her captain was Dr William Marcet (1828-1900(4?)).

He was very keen on the first motorboats/yachts: (he had at least 6).

His grandson, Guy de Pourtalès, writes in "Marins d'eau douce" that his first tour of the lake was in the "Papillon", a heavy pinnace with 3 sails.
He writes also that his grandfather,
W. Marcet also owned the
- "Ibis", a cutter with sails, and
- the "Etincelle", a type of canoe powered by naphtha.

J. Naef, in "Yachts à vapeur du Léman," adds that he also owned:
- the steam yacht "Héron"
- the steam launch "Sultan"
- the steam launch "Triton"

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